Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Versions: all


In this course you will learn how to enhance your presentations visually with features such as charts, diagrams, pictures and multimedia; how to customise PowerPoint and integrate Ms Office files; how to create action buttons, hyperlinks and custom slide shows; how to animate the presentation using custom animation; distribute the presentation  


1 day

NQF level 1 and 2


You must have:

  • Attended an introductory Windows course. 
  • Some experience in creating PowerPoint presentations.

Module 1: Slide Masters

  •  Work with Slide Masters
  •  Modify a slide master
  •  Notes master
  •  Hand-out master
  •  Save custom design templates

Module 2: Charts

  •  Create a chart
  •  Switch rows and columns
  •  Edit a chart
  •  Format a chart and chart elements
  •  Change the chart type
  •  Create a combination chart
  •  Chart design layouts and styles
  •  Set chart layout options
  •  Create a default template

Module 3: Smart Art

  •  What is SmartArt?
  •  Insert SmartArt graphics
  •  Work with the SmartArt text pane
  •  Format SmartArt
  •  Use pictures with SmartArt

Module 4: Integrate Ms Office into PowerPoint

  •  Copy and link an Excel chart or data to a PowerPoint slide
  •  Use a Word outline to create a presentation

Module 5: Graphics enhancements

  •  Work with Shapes
  •  Use the drawing tools
  •  Snap to grid
  •  Group and ungroup objects
  •  Copy object formatting
  •  Add connector lines
  •  Align objects

Module 6: Using Animations and Transition Effects

  •  Animations effects and transitions
  •  Work in the Slide Sorter View
  •  Transition Effects
  •  Apply Custom Animation
  •  Work with effect options
  •  Create Hyperlinks
  •  Add Action Buttons

Module 7: Slide Show Setup

  •  Rehearse a presentation
  •  Record timings
  •  Create a custom show
  •  Set up a slide show to repeat automatically

Module 8: Multimedia 

  •  Insert Media Clips
  •  Insert a sound clip
  •  Format multimedia
  •  Insert videos from a web site

Module 9:  Distribute a presentation

  •  Broadcast a presentation
  •  Convert a presentation to a video
  •  Package a presentation
  •  Publish a presentation to other file formats
  •  Protect a presentation

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