Introduction to VBA for Excel

Versions: 2010/2013

On-site training

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Course Description

An introduction to Visual Basic for Applications using Excel. Macros are automated and edited using Visual Basic. Programming structures and programming principals are introduced at a beginners’ level. 


3 days


A knowledge of Excel to advanced level and you must work with large quantities of data on a daily basis.


  • Revision on Excel Functions, Named Ranges and Pivot Tables
  • Security issues when creating workbooks with macros
  • Personal Macro Workbook
  • Editing/Deleting Macros
  • Understanding Relative and Absolute Macros
  • Assigning Macros to Toolbars or objects or command buttons
  • Understanding the Visual Basic Screen
  • Performing a Macro on opening a Workbook or clicking on a sheet, or any action that takes place on a sheet.
  • Show macros icons for a specific workbook only
  • Determining the last row of a range and copying formulae to the last row using a macro.
  • Coding to Protect/Unprotect Worksheets or Workbook
  • Using Variables
  • The difference between Input Boxes and Message Boxes
  • Using User forms as an interface between the user and the program
  • Understanding Private and Public procedures or functions 
  • The If Statement
  • The Select Case Statement
  • The For Next Loop
  • Do Loop
  • Debugging a Macro
  • Creating VB Custom Functions
  • Protecting the coding with a password
  • Error-handling in procedures
  • Using Arrays (Introduction)
  • Projects to illustrate the importing of a text file and transferring data between workbooks

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