Microsoft Word Advanced

Versions: All earlier versions, 2013 and 2016 available

On-site training

These courses take place at your company premises.


This course is for people who need to work with long complex documents and are looking for ways to automate documents using mail merge, macros, and fields. This course is ideal for engineers, lawyers, legal secretaries or anyone who has to prepare long contracts, manuals, theses, reports or agreements.


1 Day

NQF level: 4


The aim of this course is to give the user tools for automating and preparing long, complex documents.


This course assumes that the delegate understands and uses the basic and intermediate features of Word on a daily basis.

Module 1:  Document setup

  •  Customise  multi-level lists
  •  Create list styles

Module 2: Formatting using styles

  •  Apply the built-in styles from the Styles Gallery
  •  Modify a style
  •  Change style sets
  •  Create a new style
  •  Save styles to templates

Module 3: Managing large documents

  •  The Navigation Pane
  •  Inserting bookmarks
  •  Insert a cover page
  •  Create Section Breaks
  •  Create a section header & footer
  •  Heading Styles
  •  Adding numbering to Heading Styles
  •  Create a Table of Contents
  •  Update a Table of Contents
  •  Create cross-references
  •  Create Footnotes and Endnotes
  •  Create captions
  •  Create a table of figures
  •  Create an index
  •  Compile a bibliography
  •  Add hyperlinks to other documents, pages or websites

Module 4: Using track changes with documents 

  •  Review a document
  •  Insert comments
  •  Track and manage document changes and comments
  •  Compare document changes
  •  Merge document changes
  •  Mark as final
  •  Turn off track changes

Module 5: securing a document

  •  Document properties
  •  Remove personal information from a document
  •  Password protect documents
  •  Restrict document access

Module 6: Mail Merge

  •  Create a Data Source
  •  Use an Outlook Contact list as a Data Source
  •  Create a Main Document
  •  Merge the main document and data source
  •  Send personalised emails to multiple recipients
  •  Merge to Envelopes and Labels

Module 7: Macros

  •  Record and run a macro
  •  Assign a macro to the Quick Access toolbar
  •  Assign a macro to an object

Appendix A: Creating forms

  •  Creating a form with fields
  •  Protecting a form
  •  Automating a form

Appendix B: Using Microsoft Word with other programs

  •  Link a word document to PowerPoint and Excel
  •  Send a document outline to Microsoft PowerPoint

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