Microsoft Word Intermediate

Versions: All earlier versions, 2013 and 2016 available

On-site training 

These courses take place at your company premises.


The student will be able to create numbered reports, tables and use templates, styles and advanced editing techniques 


1 Day


The aim of this course is to give the user tools to organise large documents efficiently using templates, styles and tables.


This course assumes that the delegate understands and uses the basic features of Word daily.

Module 1:  Managing lists 

  •  Use a multi-level list
  •  Customise a multi-level list
  •  Sort a list

Module 2: Templates and styles 

  •  What is a template?
  •  Understanding the normal.dotm template
  •  Use an existing template
  •  Create a customised template
  •  What is a style?
  •  Understanding the normal style
  •  Different styles: text, list and table styles 
  •  Apply, format and update Quick Styles
  •  Save a new style

Module 3: Using Quick Parts

  •  Create headers and footers 
  •  Insert building blocks
  •  Create building blocks
  •  Modify building blocks
  •  Use AutoText

Module 4: Text editing

  •  Insert non-breaking spaces 
  •  Clear formatting
  •  Use AutoCorrect
  •  Create your own AutoCorrect entries
  •  View document statistics: word count
  •  View document properties
  •  Change a document’s theme
  •  Save a theme
  •  Sections

Module 5: Organising information in columns and Tables 

  •  Create and format columns
  •  Create a  tables 
  •  Typing text into tables 
  •  Edit and format text in cells 
  •  Rotating text in tables
  •  Move around in a table 
  •  Adjust column width/row height 
  •  Insert/delete columns and rows 
  •  Merge cells 
  •  Add table borders 
  •  Format table structure 
  •  Align tables 
  •  Convert text to a table 
  •  Convert a table to text
  •  Table properties
  •  Sort table data
  •  Use formulas within a table

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