Microsoft Word Beginners

Versions: all versions including 2019 and Office 365

Public and in-house courses



This course will teach you the Microsoft Word skills necessary to create common business documents professionally, efficiently and fast.


1 day 


You will be able to:

  •  Create, edit and format a document
  •  Save and print the document
  •  Apply paragraph and page formatting.


A knowledge of Windows

Module 1: The Microsoft Word environment

  •  The Microsoft Word screen 
  •  The Quick Access toolbar
  •  The Ribbon – tabs, groups and contextual tabs
  •  The File Menu
  •  Using different views
  •  Change the size of the document screen (zoom)
  •  Display non-printing characters (show/hide)
  •  Customise the status bar
  •  The mini-toolbar
  •  How to get help in Word

Module 2: Create and save a document 

  •  Type text in a blank document
  •  Use the automatic spell and grammar checker
  •  Move through the document
  •  Selection techniques and shortcuts
  •  File management: save, close and open a file

Module 3: Edit a document

  •  Set defaults: font, language, line spacing
  •  Delete  text
  •  Use Undo
  •  Move and copy text
  •  Use the clipboard to collect and paste text
  •  Insert special characters

Module 4: Text formatting

  •  Manual text formatting:
  •  Bold, typeface, size, convert case, italic, underline, colour, superscript/subscript
  •  Alignment/Justification
  •  Find and replace 

Module 5: Paragraph formatting

  •  Set tabs to align text
  •  Understand indenting
  •  Line spacing
  •  Apply bulleted and numbered lists
  •  Paragraph borders and shading
  •  Apply quick styles

Module 6: Page formatting

  •  Insert a page break
  •  Adjust margins
  •  Change paper size and orientation
  •  Add page numbering 
  •  Add a header or footer

Module 7: Proofing and printing a document

  •  Spell-check the document
  •  Use the thesaurus
  •  Select a printer
  •  Preview a document before printing
  •  Print a document
  •  Printing options
  •  Cancel printing


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