Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

Versions: All earlier versions and 2013 available

On-site training

These courses take place at your company premises


In this course you will learn how to enhance your presentations visually with features such as charts, diagrams, pictures and multimedia; how to customise PowerPoint and integrate Ms Office files; how to create action buttons, hyperlinks and custom slide shows; how to animate the presentation using custom animation; distribute the presentation  


1 day

NQF level 1 and 2


The student must have:

  • Attended an introductory Windows course. 
  • A knowledge of PowerPoint 2003 or some experience in creating PowerPoint presentations.

Module 1: Slide Masters

  •  Work with Slide Masters
  •  Modify a slide master
  •  Notes master
  •  Hand-out master
  •  Save custom design templates

Module 2: Charts

  •  Create a chart
  •  Switch rows and columns
  •  Edit a chart
  •  Format a chart and chart elements
  •  Change the chart type
  •  Create a combination chart
  •  Chart design layouts and styles
  •  Set chart layout options
  •  Create a default template

Module 3: Smart Art

  •  What is SmartArt?
  •  Insert SmartArt graphics
  •  Work with the SmartArt text pane
  •  Format SmartArt
  •  Use pictures with SmartArt

Module 4: Integrate Ms Office into PowerPoint

  •  Copy and link an Excel chart or data to a PowerPoint slide
  •  Use a Word outline to create a presentation

Module 5: Graphics enhancements

  •  Work with Shapes
  •  Use the drawing tools
  •  Snap to grid
  •  Group and ungroup objects
  •  Copy object formatting
  •  Add connector lines
  •  Align objects

Module 6: Using Animations and Transition Effects

  •  Animations effects and transitions
  •  Work in the Slide Sorter View
  •  Transition Effects
  •  Apply Custom Animation
  •  Work with effect options
  •  Create Hyperlinks
  •  Add Action Buttons

Module 7: Slide Show Setup

  •  Rehearse a presentation
  •  Record timings
  •  Create a custom show
  •  Set up a slide show to repeat automatically

Module 8: Multimedia 

  •  Insert Media Clips
  •  Insert a sound clip
  •  Format multimedia
  •  Insert videos from a web site

Module 9:  Distribute a presentation

  •  Broadcast a presentation
  •  Convert a presentation to a video
  •  Package a presentation
  •  Publish a presentation to other file formats
  •  Protect a presentation

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