Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Beginners

Versions: All earlier versions and 2013 available

On-site training

These courses take place at your company premises


People wanting to learn PowerPoint properly need to do the beginners and advanced courses. The beginners course introduces you to PowerPoint and how to create a simple presentation using text and simple graphics. 


1 Day

NQF level 1 and 2


The aim of this course is to give the user tools to create a professional presentation.


  • Learners must be able to: 
  • Read, write, communicate and comprehend at least at GET level. 
  • Operate a personal computer system. 
  • Understand Windows


Module 1: Introduction to the PowerPoint 2010 environment 

  •  Understanding the screen 
  •  The ribbon 
  •  Customising the Quick Access toolbar 
  •  The File Menu 
  •  File management in 2010 
  •  Creating and saving presentations
  •  Opening, moving around in and closing presentations
  •  Using placeholders to enter data
  •  Changing the views
  •  Using Zoom when creating slides

Module 2:  Create a simple presentation

  •  Select a design theme
  •  Insert and delete slides
  •  Choose a slide layout
  •  Add text to the presentation
  •  Save the presentation

Module 3: Edit and format text

  •  Work with text:
  •  Delete text
  •  Cut, Copy and Paste 
  •  Making use of the Clipboard
  •  Using Find and Replace for text
  •  Using Spell Check as you type
  •  Using Autocorrect
  •  Use the Ribbon to change text fonts, sizes, styles and colours 
  •  Set text alignment 
  •  Change line spacing 
  •  Create a bulleted list:
  •  Add and change bullets and numbering 
  •  Adjust space between text and bullets
  •  Convert a bulleted list into Smart Art 
  •  Add text boxes
  •  Change the look of placeholders

Module 4: Format slides 

  •  Change slide layouts 
  •  Reset the slide layouts
  •  Change the background colour 

Module 5: Create tables 

  •  Create a table 
  •  Drawing a Table 
  •  Modifying Rows and Columns 
  •  Merging and splitting cells 
  •  Formatting a Table 

Module 6: Simple graphics 

  •  Insert ClipArt 
  •  Move, resize and delete graphic objects
  •  Group and ungroup graphic objects
  •  Insert shapes 
  •  Format shapes 
  •  Add Word Art 
  •  Format Word Art 

Module 7: Deliver a presentation

  •  Change the page set up
  •  Create headers and footers 
  •  Preview the presentation 
  •  Print a presentation 
  •  Prepare speaker notes and hand-outs
  •  Add transitions
  •  Deliver a presentation

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