Microsoft Excel Level 2 (Intermediate)

Versions: 2010/2013/2016

On-site training or public courses available in Paulshof, Sandton


This is a middle level or intermediate course for people who have done a beginners course but need more skills to analyse data. The main focus is on building formulas properly. It is an ideal starting point for people who are self-taught and need a refresher course and/or want to work smarter with the new 2010 version. It is an excellent foundation for an advanced course.


1 day

NQF level: 3


Students will learn how to:

  •  consolidate data with linked formulas
  •  build a large variety of formulas
  •  work with functions.


You must have attended a beginner’s course in Excel and/or work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis.

Module 1:  The Excel 2010 environment

  •  Use Page Layout view
  •  Create headers and footers in page layout view

Module 2: Create multiple-worksheet Workbooks

  •  Use multiple worksheets:
  •  Insert a new sheet
  •  Rename a sheet
  •  Delete a sheet
  •  Group sheets
  •  Move, copy and paste data
  •  Create a consolidation (summing through the sheets)

Module 3: Special formatting

  •  Apply cell styles and themes
  •  Hide columns and rows
  •  Insert cell comments
  •  Use paste special

Module 4:  Functions and Formulas

  •  Absolute, relative and mixed references in formulas
  •  Link formulas
  •  Edit links
  •  Guidelines for using functions
  •  Get help with functions 
  •  Statistical functions: average, max, min, count, =Round
  •  Date functions:  =Now, =Today, =Weekday, =Date
  •  Financial functions: =PMT
  •  Logical functions: =IF 

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