Microsoft Access 2010 Beginners

Versions: All earlier versions and 2013 available

On-site training only

We only run this course on-site for groups. Minimum of 6 delegates, maximum 12.


The course concentrates on designing tables in a database, setting up relationships between the tables and setting up lookups between the tables. Table properties are explained in detail.  Linking/Importing from other applications are also covered.  Sample database templates are used for illustration. The user is introduced to queries, forms and reports.

Delegates will be created a simple database during the course to illustrate all the features of a database.


1 day 

Target Group

This course is intended for a delegate who would have to design new tables in MS Access or users who need to link/import existing Excel data into Access. Delegates who would like to be assessed for a computer qualification or delegates who wish to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist certification would benefit from attending this course.

Unit Standards 

SAQA US ID # 116936, NQF Level 3

Use a graphical user interface (gui)-based database application to work with simple databases


The delegates must have basic Windows skills; handling the mouse, opening and finding documents and basic typing skills.  Excel knowledge would be an advantage, but is not essential.

Module 1: Database Terminology

  • What is a table?
  • What is the Primary key of a table?
  • What is a Foreign key?
  • What is a query?
  • What is a form?
  • What is a report?
  • What is a macro?
  • What is a module?

Module 2: Database Templates

Module 3: Security in Access

  • Trust Centers:  Setting up Trusted Locations

Module 4: Navigation in the MS Accessenvironment

  • The Access Screen
  • Navigating in an existing database
  • Using the ribbon
  • Shortcut Menus and Shortcuts
  • Using the Wizards to create tables, queries, forms and reports

Module 5: Printing In Access

Module 6: Using Help 

Module 7: Naming Conventions for objects in a database

Module 8: Database Planning

Module 9: Designing Tables

  • Setting the Primary Key
  • Selecting the Data Type for Table Fields
  • Captions
  • Input Mask Settings
  • Formatting Numbers/Text/Dates
  • Default Value
  • Using Validation Rules and Validation Text
  • Indexing in tables
  • Using Unique Indexes
  • Lookups to other tables/queries or create a typed list
  • Copying/Deleting a table

Module 10: Importing/Linking tables

Module 11: Navigating and Working in Tables

  • Editing a Table
  • Finding /Replacing data
  • Deleting records
  • Rearranging Fields
  • Changing Column Widths
  • Sorting 
  • Changing Font Size and Row Heights
  • Hiding/Unhiding Columns
  • Freezing/Unfreezing Columns
  • Filtering Data

Module 12: Subdatasheets in Tables

Module 13: Defining Default Relationships between Tables

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