Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced

Versions: All earlier versions and 2013 available

On-site training only

We only run this course on-site for groups. Minimum of 6 delegates, maximum of 12


This course concentrates on Form and Report Design.  Overview on Table design and Query Design. In this course the delegates would be expected to design a simple integrated database, consisting of tables, queries, forms, reports and macros


2 day 

Unit Standards 

SAQA US # 116936 and US # 117927


This course is intended for a delegate who knows the basics of MS Access. Delegates should already be able to create their own queries in MS Access and they must understand the concepts of a database.  Delegates who would like to be assessed for a computer qualification or delegates who wish to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist certification would benefit from attending this course.

Module 1:  Database Design

  • What is the aim of the database?
  • What must the database generate as output?
  • What fields do I need?
  • Which tables must I create from the fields?
  • What data must be validated and which fields are you going to be compulsory to fill in. What other properties will be needed, e.g. formatting
  • How will I input the information?
  • How will I automate my database?
  • Testing the Database

Module 2: Trust Centers and setting up trusted locations

Module 3: Tables (Overview)

  •  Table properties

Module 4: Normalisation – explaining the concept and illustrate with tables being imported from Excel

Module 5: Relationships between tables

  • Different types of Relationships
  • Setting Referential Integrity to protect data
  • The Cascade Update Related Fields Option
  • The Cascade Delete Related Records Option
  • Join Properties

Module 6:Queries (Overview)

  • Different Types of Queries
  • Creating a query to search for a blank field
  • Using the left, middle, right, str$  functions to create codes

Module 7: Specialised Queries

  • Creating a Parameter Query
  • Using Calculations in A Query
  • Setting Formats for a field in a Query 
  • Crosstab Queries
  • Find Unmatched Query

 Module 8: Action Queries

  • Make-Table Query, Delete Query, Append Query, Update Queries

Module 9: Forms

  • Tips and Tricks when designing a Form
  • To insert fields not displayed on a form
  • Disable Fields on a Form
  • To hide a Field on a Form
  • Tab Indexes on a Form

Module 10: Using Controls in Forms

  • Adding controls to a form that perform tasks
  • Calculations on a Form
  • Working with Combo Boxes to find specific data on a form and formatting this combo box to always show the current record
  • Creating Forms with Sub Forms
  • The Switchboard

Module 11: The Startup Menu Option – opening the database with a specific form and hiding objects

Module 12: Reports

  • Sort records in a report
  • Using grouping in reports to display totals
  • Create a report based on more than one table
  • Showing/Hiding Headers and Footers in a Report
  • Section width greater than Page Width
  • Saving A Form as A Report
  • Creating Mailing Labels

Module 13: Documenting the Design of a Database

Module 14: Exporting to Word/Excel/PDF format

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