Computer Training

Training is not a cost but an investment!

Why Beth Horner & Associates?

There are many training providers out there all offering more or less the same courses. What's different about us? 

We develop long-term training partnerships by offering value for money, personal attention and old-fashioned service. Look at our Clients and Testimonials pages to see who we’ve delivered training to and what they say about us. We stay on the edge of new training methods, new releases and constantly update our course material. The new release of Microsoft Office – 2013 is out and we're already running Office 2013 training courses.

Our trainers are passionate about training. They love it when people have AHA! moments and walk out after the training with real skills and confidence. They are always looking to find innovative ways to get the message across and to reach everyone no matter what their learning preference is.

Benefits of using us

  • 18 years training and facilitation experience
  • a long-term training partnership which ensures stability, confidence, convenience and responsiveness to your needs
  • customised courses to suit the industry and your exact needs
  • up to date training in the latest products and versions
  • flexibility as we schedule courses to suit your programme
  • value for money. We provide quality, customised training at competitive prices
  •  the convenience of on-site training
  • MICT Seta accredited. You can get your skills levy back for our training
  • a micro-enterprise exempt BEE company.

Our Vision

The biggest challenge South Africa faces is a shortage of skills, particularly skills that 21st Century global business cannot do without. Our vision as a training company is to empower individuals by imparting skills that will give business professionals clarity of focus and confidence. The Clarity that comes from knowledge and understanding and the Confidence that comes from knowing how to apply that knowledge effectively, smartly and easily. Professional skills training is an on-going process and is part of any life-long learning programme. Skilled people are a company's greatest resource and the driving force behind productivity, innovation and growth.