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Ask anyone who has been on any of my courses. They will know one thing: "Life’s too short”! It’s my favourite saying because life’s too short to spend it doing your work the long and hard way. We are all under so much pressure to get the job done and work always seems to increase without a breather. That’s why you need to work smarter with your Office programs. There are tons of shortcuts to make your life easier whether it’s Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Here’s a tip that you should do for every program that uses the ribbon (Office 2007, 2010 and 2013). Customise your Quick Access Toolbar!   You only have to do it once and it will stay that way forever.

QAT default

When you first get Ms Office these three icons sit above the Ribbon and hardly help you at all. But it is one of the secrets of working faster in Ms Office. However, you have to customise it first. In version 2007 the Quick Access Toolbar is the only bar you can customise while in the later programs you can customise the Ribbon as well. Follow these easy steps: Click on the Customise QuickAccessToolbar arrow (I’m going to call it the QAT from now on).

 QAT with circle

This will display the following menu:


customise menu

# Click on every command to add it to the QAT. There will be a few that are program specific but it’s mostly the same for very program.

# Select More Commands to quickly go into your Options whereyou can customise the QAT further.

# SelecShow below the Ribbon for easy access.

The More Commands ... displays this menu:

more commands pane

# You can add any command to the QAT!

Right-click on a command in the Ribbon. The following menu displays:

Add to QAT

#Select Add to Quick Access Toolbar

Now you’re ready for action.

And … If you don’t believe me … Open a new document or workbook in Excel or Word the long way (File, New, blank workbook/document, create).

New icon 

Then click on the New icon.

See what I mean!

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