Copying visible cells only

Here's the problem. You've filtered the table in your spreadsheet or applied subtotals to it. Now you just want to copy and paste the filtered rows to another worksheet.  But when you do that it continually takes all the rows that you don't want with it.

What's the trick here? Here's the answer

1. Select the filtered list.

2. Press CTRL + G or F5 (the Go To key)

3. Click on the special button.  

Go to box and list

4. Select Visible Cells only.

5. The Go To Special box will display. (While you're there you might want to check out the other cool special options available.) GO TO SPECIAL

6. Your filtered list will be highlighted with lines.

7. Now copy and paste the list.Only the visible cells will paste. For more cool tips to make your life easier come on one of our Ms Excel courses.  

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