Microsoft Excel Beginners

Versions: all versions including 2019 and Office 365

Corporate in-house training or public courses available in Fourways, Sandton


You will learn how to create, edit, format and print a spreadsheet.


1 day

NQF level 2


A knowledge of Windows and understanding of how to use the personal computer


Module 1: Excel Essentials

  •  The Excel environment 
  •  Understanding the Ribbon, contextual tabs and dialog box launchers
  •  Customise the Quick Access Bar
  •  How to use the Help feature
  •  Workbooks and Worksheets
  •  Select cells and ranges
  •  Move and scroll through the worksheet

Module 2: Create a spreadsheet

  •  Types of data
  •  How to enter data
  •  How to use AutoFill
  •  How to edit data
  •  File management including file compatibility
  •  Formulas
  •  Absolute and Relative addressing

Module 3: Edit a spreadsheet

  •  Change column/row widths
  •  Alignment of cell entries
  •  Centre headings over a group of cells
  •  Insert and delete rows/columns
  •  Insert new worksheets
  •  Move and Copy

Module 4: Format a spreadsheet

  •  Change number formats
  •  Borders and Fill (shading)
  •  Change character fonts, sizes and colours
  •  Copy a format to other cells 
  •  Freeze panes
  •  Zoom the display

Module 5: Spell check and print a spreadsheet

  •  Spell check the worksheet
  •  Print preview
  •  Use the Page Layout ribbon
  •  Insert manual page breaks
  •  Change Orientation and Scaling
  •  Select a print area
  •  Print repeating headings (print titles) 

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